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  1. A Phantom is a protector. Always vigilant and ready for the enemy. Always here to help in combat, whether it be physical or metaphysical. 


    1. Phantom LE

      Phantom LE

      Bulltrue, take your Webster Dictionary and cram it lol. 

  2. Long live the Phantom.


  3. Phantom LE

    Community Events Section

    A separate section of the website where people can post ideas for events and such that promotes social networking and community gaming. Open to all who wish to join us in it, (i.e. FGR, DVG, DHD...etc) This will be overseen by the community and each event must have at least 2 members planning it. Leaders of sections may choose to participate in the event, and a set number of people who are allowed to play will be announced on the release of the event. Additionally, if an event is to be canceled, it must be a week in advance, that way there is adequate time to notify players. On a separate note, awards for participating in the event should also be considered. This will be a section dedicated to community and social networking, thus no specific member will be in charge of it. The responsibility falls to whomever wishes for an event. ~Phantom LE
  4. I would like to welcome each and every one of you to our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or concerns.  Again,  Welcome to SHLD. 

    ~Phantom LE

  5. Eager to see more activity on the forums,  this is a foundation for success.


  6. Got a new gamertag, excited 

  7. Phantom LE

    Operations Management and Organizational Improvements

    I have read through those already. Although good, I believe there are certain aspects missing, although I can not exactly put my finger on what entail that might be
  8. As per my leaving of KSI, and the small gaming community of 435 people on gta, I have noticed one essential thing is management. It is always a necessity for leadership, if not already, to be denoted in a designated area, as well as descriptions of titles and job positions. It is also important to have a dedicated officer that spends most of his working time dedicated to managing and maintaining day by day operations of small aspects to large projects of the clan. As such, we can allow more growth and internal promotion, ultimately allowing for rapid expansion of such an entity. It is in our best interests to make either a method to eliminate the position and job necessity, or to create and promote several Operations Managers or Project Managers (Directors) as some may refer to it as. This is my personal opinion, and exactly that. But there's no hurt trying new things, right? Sincerely, Phantom LE